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States and cities, we have on file the coastal urban development of Queensland, New South Wales (except Sydney), Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Most of the development of Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

The greatest users of aerial photos are industrial and commercial realtors because, frankly, an industrial building is functional rather than good looking. An aerial, on the other hand, shows the property in relation to surrounding infrastructure.

Vertical photography is produced with our unique air recon camera pod, it clamps on the wing strut and contains a Canon 6D Wi-fi camera. Usually, we shoot at 1500 ft and avoid any camera shake. We fly flight lines, and the photos are joined into a large image using a French computer program.

How to take aerial photos. As most people will be shooting through the air plane window, there are a couple of things that can help. A high shutter speed will elevate camera shake. To avoid vibration, it is best not to let the camera touch the glass of the window. Light reflections in the glass can ruin the photo, and the best way to avoid them is to wrap an item of clothing around the camera to make a light seal between it and the window.