About Oz Aerial Photography

Daryl Jones - Aerial Photographer


Second generation aerial photographer

Over 50 years experiance

Old man of Australian aerial photography

Guess it began in Borneo during world war 2 Dad was the first aeril combat photographer in the RAAF.  

Take off before dawn and have the photos ready for meetings at 10 for integelence

He would tell me stories like, Son, he'd say, you are lucky to be here.  "One morning, for no reason I didn't wake up.  When I did and got dressed and rushed to the airfield was shocked by the sight of my aircraft and crew in flames at the end of the runway"  If I didn't sleep you would not be here.

Revered my dad and at 8 years old had a darkroom in a hot humid chemical filled cubbord, 126 film from box browney.  Attempted a wedding, contact prints are not the same as 10 x 8.  We would meet and play with the children of the other photographers in brisbane.  In the 1950's there were a hand full of photographers, all friends helping each other in their selected speciality to help rebuild post war Australia.

I just wanted to be a photographer like my dad, at 12 learnt hand colouring, this is still in the days of black and white.  Over the following years was introduced to portrature and wedding studios.  At the time there was no formal photo training, the closest thing was the graphic arts because they use cameras to make printing plates.  5 year apprentship, and in the meantime the QIT had started a photography course, busy times, full time job, colledge, photo class for 2 nights a week and weddings on weekends.

 Many years later I am a grand father far removed from old photography although I do still have my camera, film, chemicals, and enlarger for sentimental reasons.  It's been a lovely adventure from black and white to digital.

 This is Australias largest aerial oblique photo library.